Thursday, November 12, 2009

"I never wanted anything in this world that I couldn't stand losing" (Henry DeTamble, The Time Traveler's Wife)

How tight do your fingers grasp the possessions around you?

In the middle of Luke 12, Jesus points out that the location of our treasure is synonymous w/ where our hearts will be found. If you actually accounted for every dollar you spent (be real- do you actually balance a checkbook?), someone could look @ the list of all the ways you spend your $, and be able to tell what is most important to you.

Jesus challenges us to live for greater things than just mochas and movies (even though HO HO MOCHAS are officially in season @ your local Caribou, and UP was just released on DVD). What if we had the vision to see just how our acts of obedience could lead to change in the life of an orphan? That is your opportunity to be stretched. As you've learned from the Overflow series, God's heart is after caring for the orphan (read James 2:1-13), and that will be ONE's focus this year in One To Another. How will you invest? While the dolla dolla bills come to mind first, also consider giving of your time and the abilities you have (raising awareness through campaigning, being a voice for the invisible, etc- be creative!). What radical things are you committing to letting go of so that your delight will rest in the heart of God as you make the things that are important to Him important to you?

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